Building Styles

Aztech Buildings offers three main building styles - Gable, Mono-slope & American Barn - and there's the opportunity to customise these to your requirements. You can also choose from a wide range of extra features to further customise your farm building.


“Gable” describes a roof structure that rises both sides to a central ridge. The gable roof is a more traditional look, and is suited for greater roof slopes. The building structure below the gable roof can be clear-span or have centre supports.

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“Mono-slope”, “mono-pitch” and “lean-to” describe a roof structure that has a single angle above the outside walls – i.e there is no ridgeline as with a gable roof. This roof line is suited for lower profile buildings, providing good protection from wind and rain which can be increased with the addition of a protection canopy or roof overhang along the front.

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American Barn

American Barns have a distinctive roof shape that consists of two roof heights where the upper roof is gable with the bottom ends of the roof having walls underneath to a mono-pitch roof off each wall, and from the end of these roofs is a wall to the floor/ground. American Barns have the advantage of offering a storage area in the middle of the building that is higher than near the sides.

Aztech Buildings offers the right solutions so you can find the ultimate farm building for your needs.

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