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The American Barn design from Aztech Buildings adds value to any property with its striking visual lines and practical applications. Our builders can customise your barn in so many ways – add windows, mezzanine floors, doors, choose cladding and colours, and with an adaptable internal space suitable as a garage, workshop, stables, storage, accommodation and more! – you’ll find an Aztech American Barn the perfect choice.

Features of our American-style Barn Shed Buildings in NZ

At Aztech, we take the design and construction requirements of our client’s structures seriously and work hard to ensure that they meet the needs of their application. Aztech buildings have earned a reputation for having a range of quality features, and we never compromise on the quality of our service.

An Aztech building:

  • Is a durable timber pole structure in which the poles can take those small knocks from vehicles or equipment
  • Provides a safe and warm environment
  • Is built with the potential to retrofit
  • Has minimal moisture & condensation
  • Is a cost effective way to add value to your property

Your American Barn can be easily fitted out to run electrical cables for lights and powered equipment. You can also easily line walls with plywood for practical use and aesthetic appearance.

Barns Sheds in NZ for All Purposes

Barn Buildings come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and style. These differences can also extend to the quality of the service you receive, and the materials used in the construction so it’s important you choose correctly.

At Aztech Buildings, we take great pride in the quality of all our products including our NZ barns because we want them to be fit for their intended purpose and to continue to give great service for many years to come. We know that a barn is a significant investment for any farmer and so we want to be sure that the investment provides great value for money and is fully cost-effective.

As well as agricultural use, barns in NZ are increasingly being seen as great additions to residential properties. They’re used as vehicle garages, for boat and caravan storage, as games rooms or holiday accommodation and for a host of other purposes. It’s essential, therefore, that these structures are not only functional but look great now and in the long-term. Read More

Customised Barn Structures in NZ

All the barns we supply are designed and built to exactly meet each customer’s needs. Most have the traditional American barn style with a high centre bay and lower extensions at each side. However, it is perfectly possible to adapt this style by, for example, dispensing with one or both of the lower bays. Other factors to take into account when designing your barn are:

  • Its size, covering the overall length, width and height of each bay as well as the pitch of the roof. These may depend on the number, type and variety of items to be stored in the barn.
  • Lighting, which is essential for animal welfare and operations, and can be provided as natural light through roof and wall windows and by electric lighting.
  • Ventilation for the comfort and well-being of humans and animals, which can be achieved by fitting a variety of ventilation. A certain level of ventilation may be required by law, depending on how you use the barn.
  • Space utilisation, which can be maximised by well-planned fit-out to incorporate bays for stabling, storage areas and a mezzanine floor that can make a dramatic increase to the capacity of the building.
  • Access that can be provided by roller shutters, either manually operated or automated, when large equipment is to be moved in and out, and personal doors with full security mechanisms.
  • Appearance with cladding and roofing materials that may be particularly important for barns used for residential purposes.

Good Looks and Practicality for Barn Sheds NZ

Every barn structures we design, manufacture and erect is intended to not only look good but to be fully functional both now and for many years to come. They’re made to withstand the harsh environment that we can sometimes encounter in New Zealand and so are watertight, exceedingly strong and very durable.

We ensure all our barn structures meet your needs exactly by initially discussing what you want and then creating a building that fits in with all requirements. It will be made from the finest materials, use the latest manufacturing techniques and adhere to all legislation and guidelines. Our stylish, functional and affordable NZ barns always meet your expectations.

At Aztech Buildings, we design, manufacture and erect structures for all types of industries and users. We are the best shed builders NZ has to offer.

Whether you need a pole shed to store machinery, to keep animals protected or just need a simple NZ storage shed, we can supply the exact specifications you need. We aim to provide, with a simple and straightforward approach, a shed that will deliver value for money and functionality for many years to come. Our long warranty confirms that.

We also service specific farm shed needs such as an animal feed barn. Read Less

Why build Aztech? You’ll find Aztech’s proven construction systems and hassle free building processes make choosing Aztech the best decision you’ve ever made. Aztech’s American Barns are customisable, sustainable and with our Bird Proofing solutions, you minimise bird mess on your vehicles or gear.

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