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Aztech Process

Our team is dedicated to help make your building experience as hassle-free as possible, and to ensure you get the best outcome from your build.

Aztech Buildings: NZ Best Shed Builders since 1980.

As leading shed builders in NZ, we understand the needs of farmers and industrialists.

When it comes to running an agricultural or industrial business, having the right equipment and property is essential. So, if you need shed building services or experienced barn builders, we can handle all aspects of the work so you can concentrate on your main job and are free of any hassle and stress associated with the development. Read More

Unique Agricultural and Barn Shed Buildings NZ

We realise that every business is unique and that, in the same way, their building needs are rarely the same. Consequently, we don't supply standard buildings so that you are obliged to take what we have. Instead, we design and construct every building so that it meets the customer's needs exactly. To do this, we:

  • discuss with you your exact shed building requirements
  • assess the site where the building is to be constructed, taking into account the altitude, local climate and prevailing weather conditions
  • determine how the shed will be used
  • design the agricultural or industrial shed that will perfectly fulfil all needs
  • agree the design and cost before any work gets underway
  • fully manage the building consent process so you are fully compliant
  • manufacture the building components from the highest-grade materials, whether for a timber pole system or a full steel shed
  • supply the components as a kitset you can erect or install the building on a pre-prepared site using our experienced construction teams.

The outcome will be a shed building that has the size, functionality and resilience you need. A building that will look good, protect your livestock and property, provide ideal working conditions, promote well-being and generally help your business to succeed. And, since everything is planned properly and agreed, there are no re-designs that cause extra expense and unnecessary delays.

The Best Shed and Barn Builders in NZ

At Aztech Buildings, we are the shed building company with a reputation for using innovative building systems to create structures that are robust and long-lasting. It's a reputation we've worked hard to create and we're not likely to lose it by lowering our standards. We'll always provide the building you need rather than the one we want to supply, which is why we always customise everything rather than trying to sell a standard range of products.

We've already supplied over 2,000 sheds of varying styles and sizes so we have enough knowledge and experience to meet all agricultural and industrial needs. Our shed and barn builders in NZ incorporate a super strong box framing system that gives great rigidity, superior clear spans and a perch-free roof structure that deters birds.

We're extremely friendly, helpful and communicative so you'll always know what's happening. And we'll manage the whole process from start to finish so you'll have no stress and can concentrate on the things that are most important for your business.

So, if you need new buildings and want your company to prosper, get in touch straight with Aztech Buildings. The best shed building company in NZ.

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