Aztech Buildings offer a range of building options that are fully customisable to fit your requirements. Whether you want a fully lockable workshop or an open bay storage shed, Aztech’s proven robust construction systems and hassle free building process will make it easy.

We give every customer the absolute best fit-for-purpose building solution, with market leading design flexibility. For your peace of mind every building is backed up by a highly experienced team who will lead you through every step of the process from design to completion – we guarantee excellence in every build!

Aztech Workshops & Storage Sheds:

  • has a durable timber pole structure that is rust-free
  • is a safe & warm environment
  • minimises moisture or condensation
  • with poles can take small knocks from your tractor or gear dampens noise

Your Aztech workshop or storage shed can be easily fitted out with:

  • electrical cables
  • plywood lined walls – either at the build or retrofitted
  • storage racks

Of course you can hang up your gear by just banging in a nail to a timber pole. Simple!

The bird brush preventative system in the roller doors prevents bird entry and the Bird proofing solutions minimises bird perching in the roof structure.

General information about workshop & storage sheds

Aztech Buildings offer workshops & storage sheds where you decide the degree of enclosure the building will have. Fully enclosed, all open bays , or a combination of the two – whatever you need, Aztech can customise a solution for you. Add in doors, windows and skylights where needed.

Looking for a secure and practical workshop or storage shed? Whether you need to a protected area for vehicles or implements, or you need storage for fertilizer bins, hay or equipment, you can trust Aztech to create the right building for you . Aztech Buildings are used as packing sheds, poultry sheds, rearing sheds, and shearing sheds…and more!


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