Aztech Building’s proven construction systems and hassle free building options ensure your investment in an Aztech calf shed is a cost effective and sustainable building choice. We have supplied and constructed numerous calf sheds across New Zealand and can provided standard or customised sheds to match your building requirements.

Aztech Buildings is based in Hamilton, Waikato and works closely with our valued clients throughout Northland, Auckland, Wellington and surrounding regions.

Features of our sheds

An Aztech Calf Shed: 

  • Offers a safe and warm environment for your calves
  • Is a durable timber pole structure
  • Dampens noise
  • Minimises moisture or condensation
  • Structure minimises rust
  • Can take those small knocks from your tractor or gear

Your Aztech Calf Shed can be easily fitted out for::

  • Electrical cables – to make the lights go for those early morning feeds or to plug in the automatic calf feeders
  • Feed-troughs
  • Water pipes – to enable versatile water access
  • Plywood lined walls – to protect tin cladding from calf wastes

Fully bird-proofed

Aztech’s bird proofing solutions minimise bird perching in the roof structure so less food will be stolen and less bird droppings will mean your calves can be healthier.

It’s important to have enough space per calf to ensure optimum growing conditions whilst minimising spread of diseases. The recommended roof area per calf is 1.5 square meters.

Do it right the first time! Make sure you design your building to facilitate the off-season usage such as depth, width and height requirements for machinery or feed storage.

Some of the common bedding options in a calf shelter include post-chip or sawdust which will need cleaning out every now and again – so make sure the clearance height enables machinery access where required.

Where to locate our shed

Location on site: make sure you have easy access to races and driveways and that your calving facility is not too close to the milking parlour (where applicable). Help reduce those prevailing winds or bad weather by adjusting the location accordingly.

Add a lock up bay for your feed or workshop. Choose your building style – gable or mono-slope are common choices.


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