General information about Dairy Goat Barns

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Goat milk is suitable for infants and the demand for goat milk outreaches the current shortfall of goat farmers.

At Aztech we have a specialist division focussing on Dairy Goat Barns. The aim is to increase the return on investment by providing cost-effective protection from the elements through our innovative building solutions whilst surpassing our clients expectations in customer care and service with a hassle-free building process from start to finish.

The zero-graze technique – integrated with Aztech’s Dairy Goat Barns

To get the most production out of the herd, goat farmers practise a zero-graze technique meaning the goats are housed in Dairy Goat Barns full time and they do not graze directly on the pasture. Fresh grass is cut and carried to the goats along with other nutrients and supplements through one of the various feeding system methods. The goats are a lot happier in the warmer and dry environment of the barn. Aztech sustainable timber structure design provides optimum warmth and permanent safety for the herd.

Although the Goats don’t eat off the ground, they have access to the outside to soak up the vitamin D from the sun and for further fresh air. Air-flow and temperature is optimised with Aztech’s barn designs to enable maximum fresh air and productive conditions.

The benefits of the zero-graze technique for Goat farming include:

  1. Elimination of the worms issue which is a major problem in large herds that graze on pasture. Goats don’t develop a natural resistance to worms and require regular drenching resulting in milk being withheld from the vat and loss of production. In the Aztech Dairy Goat Barn; farmers never have to worry about the goats being worm burdened.
  2. The barn reduces foot problems, scald and foot rot meaning less foot treatments are required.
  3. The goat’s diet can be managed better when they are indoors where they are fed anything from cut grass, meal, maize silage, hay, haylage, molasses and brewers grain to name a few.
  4. Dairy Goats can’t stand the rain and cold and will drop production in bad conditions. However with the barn protection, when the weather turns sour, the goats will stay tucked up in their cosy barn with access to food and water.

A start to designing the Goat Barn

The design of Dairy Goat Barns is a specialised and systematic process led by Aztech Buildings specialists through-out the country.

The standard building coverage area for goats are 2.5 square metres for each kid and 3 square metres for each doe although various goat farmers make their own adjustments to the building size to suit specific situations and future requirements. Contact our Dairy Goat Barn specialists to discuss the best feeding system for your project, which is an additional building area to the square metre requirements for the herd.

The herringbone or rotary milking shed is an important asset for the goat barn- to ensure the goats can be milked twice a day in a safe and efficient manner. Talk to Aztech about your requirements because we provide the optimum roof structure for the milking shed and are in close contact with the best milking system companies- for the milking platform.

Different Aztech Dairy Housing Build styles:

  • Dairy Goat Barns
  • Kid rearing sheds
  • Covered Dairy yards and laneways
  • Buck sheds
  • Feed commodity sheds
  • Covered feed bunkers

Sheep & Goat Housing: An Essential Part of Animal Welfare

Sheep and goats are important livestock for New Zealand farmers. Thus, it only makes sense how important building the best sheep and goat housing is. They’re sources of meat, milk and wool, are adaptable to different types of climate, aren’t too particular about what they eat and can be used in varying production systems.

Each type of animal has similar needs and so they’re generally considered together when deciding what this treatment will be. However, their adaptability shouldn’t mean those needs can be largely overlooked because the animals will be more productive if they’re treated and housed correctly.

Appropriate Housing & Storage for Sheep & Goats

The type of sheep & goat sheds you require will depend on the type of farming you practice. This may depend on the land you have available and can range from subsistence methods, where only a few animals are kept tethered through the day and put into a protective shelter during the night, to intensive production where livestock is kept in yards and sheds where feed and shelter are provided. In between is the more common extensive production where flocks and herds graze throughout the day and are shut in at night for protection.

The styling of your sheep & goat storage will also be governed by the local climate, which in turn can be determined by the altitude at which you farm. Where the climate is temperate throughout the year; housing may be minimal and may consist of open-fronted sheds to provide shelter from the sun and downpours of rain. At higher altitudes and in colder climates, more substantial sheds may be needed to provide protection against the wind and from other extreme weather.

Depending on the local area, protection may also be needed against predators and parasites that can harm the animals. If there are threats from rustlers, security may also be a serious consideration. It’s essential, therefore, that sheep and goat sheds receive plenty of planning and thought before any investment is made.

Specialist Goat & Sheep Shed Builders

At Aztech Buildings, we specialise in all sorts of agricultural structures that include sheep & goat housing. We understand the importance of your livestock being housed securely and in a way that ensures its well-being.

Our buildings are specifically designed to provide the type of housing you need in line with your production methods. We’ll provide the necessary shade and protection, include feeding and watering facilities that will keep your livestock well-nourished as well as reducing labour costs.

We can incorporate permanent and temporary divisions that are needed for operations such as shearing, milking, lambing and medical treatments. Equipment such as dipping tanks and crushes can also be included.

The overall aims when designing and constructing sheep and goat storage are to ensure that the animals are protected and well cared for. At the same time, we want to make sure everything is as efficient as it can be so that the whole operation is as productive as possible. With the most appropriate housing, well-constructed and in the most suitable location, that’s as assured as we can make it. You can trust our goat and sheep shed builders to do the job right!

At Aztech Buildings, we design, manufacture and erect structures for all types of industries and users. We are the best shed builders NZ has to offer.

Our services cover the whole of New Zealand. From the top of North Island; sheds in Waikato to the bottom of the South Island.

Whether you need a industrial shed in NZ to store machinery, to keep animals protected or just need a simple farm sheds NZ, we can supply the right type of shed building for you. We aim to provide, with a simple and straightforward approach, a shed that will deliver value for money and functionality for many years to come. Our long warranty confirms that.

We also service specific farm shed needs such as an animal feed barn.


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