Aztech industrial & commercial canopy covers are a great solution where a durable and long-term structure is required to provide protection from the elements. Available with a mono-slope or a gable roof, these Aztech commercial canopies and covers are usually designed with only the roof enclosed. These buildings can be constructed using our steel, timber or steel and timber systems to suit the span you require. Commonly used as sheltered outdoor storage for timber, containers, or other goods, or to provide covered areas such as walkways or marquess for human use, the open sides of this type of building allow increased air flow compared to enclosed builds.


Extra features which are commonly added includes:

  • Roof overhangs to provide enhanced weather protection against sun and rain.
  • Clearlights often added to provide natural lighting
  • Custom or partial wall coverings
  • Ventilation built into the roof


As with all our buildings, our attention to detail in the design means many top-quality features are already included in the standard build – such as our rafters – which minimize perching spots and prevent birds settling and causing problems. Contact us today, to find out how we can help you get started on your next build.


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