Looking for a Pole Shed for Your Business?

Constructing appropriate storage space or extensions can be a time-consuming process. Farmers and industrial businesses alike have always sought quick efficient strategies to extend their spaces without having to compromise on security or protection. Besides, they look for solutions that can withstand the punishment that usually goes with industrial use. One of the most innovative but straightforward solutions has been the use of pole sheds.

We're one of the most well-known and well-regarded providers of pole sheds in NZ. Our NZ pole shed constructions are beautifully simple but designed with quality and durability in mind. We've got a team with over 200 years of combined experience and our roots go back to the early 1980's, so when it comes to structures that can hold their own against the elements ours have stood the test of time! Take a look through our pole sheds for sale and soon you'll have an ingenious storage solution which will serve you for many years to come!

The Benefits of Our Timber Farm Pole Sheds in NZ

For most businesses, functionality and efficiency are the most important thing to look for when having new storage facilities installed. You'll want to know if it can be put up quickly and securely, and that it is a structure that will hold its own against weather or the dings and bangs that often go with industrial and livestock use.

Timber is a great material for use first of all because it is entirely rust-free. In terms of weather issues, creeping damp or the natural moisture that comes from livestock rearing, having a structure that can hold out against dampness is critical to retaining durability. Our timber is treated to be suitable for use with livestock and continues to be a safe and environmentally friendly option.

But though our sheds are great for livestock they can also be applied to a myriad of other uses such as:

  • Warehouse storage
  • Carpentry workshops
  • Artist and sound stage studios
  • Stock facilities
  • Vehicle shelter
  • Feed barns

Our NZ pole sheds are so versatile that they can be put to use in almost any setting or industry you can think of. They can be retrofitted or customised with a variety of other assets such as:

  • Electrics
  • Plywood lined walls
  • Storage racks'

Best of all they can be built in an incredibly short time and ready for use when you need them. We offer a great variety of pole sheds for sale. Alternatively, you can buy them as a kit for yourself to build and put up at your convenience. They can come as fully enclosed, open fronted or a combination of the two and you can ask for any number of windows, doors or skylights as you need them. They'll be no intrusive foundations that can score up or ruin your land, and, if you ever need to dismantle them or relocate them, that can easily be done as well!

Pole Sheds for Sale in NZ: Contact Us Today!

We've worked with well over 2000 businesses and clients to get them the storage or industrial shed they require. All it takes to get it started is a phone call or email enquiry. Whatever logistical, budget or structural requirements you have, give us a call or message us now and we'll be happy to work out a solution for you. Our team comprises dedicated, passionate advisers and workers with a huge amount of experience in various industries. Call us or fill in our enquiry form with a few details and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

At Aztech Buildings, we design, manufacture and erect structures for all types of industries and users. We are the best shed builders NZ has to offer.

Whether you need steel framed farm buildings to store machinery, to keep animals protected or just need steel span buildings, we can supply the exact specifications you need. We aim to provide, with a simple and straightforward approach, a shed that will deliver value for money and functionality for many years to come. Our long warranty confirms that.

We also service specific farm sheds for your agricultural storage needs.


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