Trying to Find a Great Quality Storage Shed in NZ?

There are as many different NZ storage shed options as there are things that need to be stored. This presents a dilemma for agricultural, industrial and commercial business owners, in that it can be difficult to choose the most appropriate for your product, equipment or livestock. If chosen unwisely, storage units can suffer from damp, poor ventilation and even structural collapse.

For over two decades since we set up business in the early 1980s, we have led the way when it comes to storage sheds in NZ. We are a team of highly qualified, well-experienced storage industry professionals with a collective total of 200 years of experience when it comes to providing dry, well-conditioned storage solutions across a diverse set of industries. If you are looking for storage shed builders and want an efficient, dependable option, then we're the people to call.

How Our NZ Storage Sheds Can Help You

For small businesses, it can be very tempting to try and cram all your stock or equipment into any space you can. Unfortunately, this can lead to stock damage and machinery malfunctions, along with structural damage and poor efficiency. If your business is starting to grow, we understand how expensive it can be to move to bigger premises or have a new facility built from the ground up.

Our storage shed buildings offer you the chance to have something built for a fraction of the cost of a move or new build, within a fraction of the time. In addition to being a fast and efficient storage solution, they are made of high quality, highly durable materials guaranteed to hold their own against the elements.

Features include:

  • Pole supports built from timber to avoid rust
  • Fully closed, open fronted or a combination of wall configurations
  • Any number of windows, doors or skylights dependent on your requirements
  • Bird brushes to stop birds and other animals from seeking shelter in your shed
  • Non-intrusive structure to avoid pugging on your land

Our storage shed builders will take into account the nature of your business and the items you wish to store. They'll look at:

  • Electrics - We'll be able to install electric wiring based on your needs, whether it is for refrigeration units, equipment power points or portable appliances
  • Sound dampening - We'll work out whether you want noise reduction if you have particularly noise livestock, machinery or other issues that require quiet.
  • Storage racks - shelving units, cabinets or embedded or movable racks for use with your products, tools or boxes.

We offer our own storage building service but if you want to hold off and put the shed up yourself you can also buy some of them as kits. We'll provide storage building insurance options, advice and instructions and health and safety details. Whichever you choose, you'll benefit from dedicated service to help you get the best out of your storage and protect and secure your investments.

Leading Storage Shed Builders in NZ: Get Your Quote Today!

Whatever product or equipment you need to store, we'll have the perfect solution for you. Take a look through our catalogue to get some ideas then give us a call or fill in our enquiry form with a few details of your project. We're happy to help you with a new project or with one that is already in process, so whatever you need, drop us a line now and we'll get working on your perfect storage solution today!

At Aztech Buildings, we design, manufacture and erect structures for all types of industries and users. We are the best shed builders NZ has to offer.

Whether you need steel framed farm buildings to store machinery, to keep animals protected or just need steel span buildings, we can supply exactly the specifications you need for you. We aim to provide, with a simple and straightforward approach, a shed that will deliver value for money and functionality for many years to come. Our long warranty confirms that.

We also service specific farm shed needs such as a pole shed.

Including farm sheds for your agricultural storage needs.


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